RAMS has a pool of highly qualified professionals from a broad range of medical specialties. Through our offices, clients will have access to one resource for all their staffing needs. And, by using current technology, we are able to match mission requirements with the best candidates.

Assessment - Health Information Management (HIM) Department

  • Operations and staffing of the HIM department are reviewed to identify
    ways to enhance efficiency, productivity and consistency of department functions
  • A written report is provided that includes findings and recommendations for
    department improvements.

Backlog Elimination / Medical Transcription

  • Assistance is provided to "catch up" filing, chart assembly, coding, and other
    department/facility functions
  • Temporary staff can be provided on a long term and/or short term basis

ICD-9-CM/CPT-4 coding

  • Experienced coders (RHIA,RHIT,CCS)*
  • Coding records for appropriate reimbursement
  • Answering coding questions
  • Training your providers and/or staff on Evaluation and Management codes
    and documentation requirements
  • * Registered Health Information Administrator (RHIA)
       Registered Health Information Technician (RHIT)
       Certified Coding Specialist (CCS)

Medical Record Audits
  • Performed for individual provider offices, health care facilities or managed
    care organizations
  • Determines if documentation is sufficient to support coding, billing and/or
    other regulations
  • Data is collected manually or by utilizing laptop computers when appropriate
  • Data is analyzed and reported in a customized format to meet the
    client’s needs

Medical Readiness Planner

  • United States Air Force, Dept. of Army, Dept. of Navy
  • Establish medical policy
  • Obtain and allocate resources
  • Evaluate Air Force Medical Service (AFMS) support capabilities

Public Health Technician

  • Provides technical support and assistance to health specialists
  • Conducts survey and implement measures to control hazards or conditions
  • Take samples of such materials as water, food, and performs or assists to
    determine contamination
  • Developing, installing, or administering quality control programs
  • Position involving inspection or investigation for primary purpose of compliance public health and regulations.
  • Prepare reports of findings and make recommendations

Insurance Voucher Examiner

  • Processes a wide variety of travel payments
  • Position reviews vouchers and support documents for accuracy, compliance with regulations, and entitlements
  • Assists in processing a variety of complex Permanent Change of Station (PCS) claims for civilian and military personnel
  • Incumbent is responsible for accurately processing complex payments such as cooperative funding agreements and advance payments
  • Applies internal control procedures to ensure timely and accurate processing of all payments (travel and commercial accounts)
  • Performs pre-validation of obligations for all disbursements citing funds for other fiscal stations
  • Monitors and identifies to the chain of command late documents including but not limited to receiving reports, charge card payments, invoices and contract modifications
  • Provides technical guidance on entitlements, payment procedures, researching historical claims and entitlement regulations, and assist in providing training support to individuals and organizations.
  • Performs other duties as assigned

Quality Control Program

  • Customize a written QA program
  • Assistance to review and revise a quality
  • Train employees to maintain the program and report findings to the appropriate management staff

Diagnostic Related Group (DRG) Review

  • Experienced coders review coded records for accuracy, completeness, and assignment of the proper DRG
  • Findings reported in format requested by client

Professional Healthcare Recruitment

  • Assistance with advertising, screening, background checks, credentialing as necessary
  • Prospective employees can be interviewed with recommendations made as appropriate
  • Certified Nurse Practioner
  • Pharmacy Technologist
  • Radiology Technologist
  • Cardiovascular Technologist
  • MRI Technologist
  • Ultrasound Technologist
  • RN's
  • LPN's
  • Dental Assistant

Policy and Procedure Manuals

  • Technical assistance can provide the “how to” for writing policies and procedures
  • Our experienced staff can work with your staff to provide a customized policy and procedure manual

Medical Services Administrator

  • Designs, develops and assists in the administration of providing medical services programs
  • Provides direct technical assistance for establishing and maintaining government and/or community programs and other on-site medical services established under the medical centers program insures that public information is made available to the general public, private groups and other agencies